Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Last Week of January 2010

Another tiring day ended our week/month. As it was a holiday for some of us today, glad that we have more time to do what needs to be done. We had some happy moments as well as a disturbing scene yesterday which left us very unhappy.

Fan managed to assist an elderly lady to rehome her pups! 3 together! Isnt it great? Though 1 may be separated from the other 2 but they are still adopted by the same family.

Mei-Mei we are going to a place called Home!

Kor-Kor I want to go too!
'Little AJ,BJ and CJ you all need not live without a home anymore.You will definately be showered with love and care by Robyn and family.'

Thanks to Eileen for helping in rehoming them.

Whilst Fan was rehoming these 3 pups, Sam and April was attending to Sai Ee in the fosterer’s house. As Sai E’s puppies have all found a loving home each, she is currently nursing a new batch puppies and she dont seem to be able to get along with one of them, Amber aka Fei Mui. We believe Fei Mui does help her from thinking of her own puppies by annoying her most of the time.

On their way back to the shed, they saw a dog who looks like Wolfy with 3 little puppies.Oh dear! It was a horrible sight...1 puppy was dead. Apparently part of the dead puppy was eaten up!!!! They were scrawny looking. It is really a scaring sight which left them sleepless that night. (Want to see pic??)

Oh my God! What had happened?? They decided to take the puppies away without much thought of the consequences as to what will happen next. GET THEM OUT THERE was what came to their mind. Luckily Eileen after assisting Fan rehoming the 3pups came to their rescue.

She found a fosterer for them. Phew! Everything then started to fall into its place..piece by piece..Our next mission is to get them the necessary medical attention before finding a home for them....but along they way we know that it is going to be a bumpy ride as we already facing a lot of problems.....

Our hands are all tangled up with so many things still undone but we realised that this is what saving lives is all about. You have to be hands on to ensure that your objective will be achieved.Though we know we can't help all the helpless animals but we will try to give our best to whoever we are helping.

If you think you can help us in the followings, please come forward.Help is much needed.

Puppies and dogs to be rehomed.

New residents (human and animals) to care for.

Animals who are due for spaying.

New shed extension to be constructed.

Funds to raise.


Unknown said...

The puupies are doing great - they have been renamed Tuff (the biggest fella), Huff (cos he looks half dopey but now the most active clever one) and Puff (the little princess). They started timid but after 12 hours, they began exploring and playing! and they now follow me around the house. How cool is that!!

Paws Mission said...

Well, we are truly happy that all 3 are adopted by your family.I am surprised that Huff is the most active one.I noticed that he likes to sleep with his little paws under his chin giving the bored look.