Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Now that Fuji is already 3mths and has his 2nd vaccination he is brought back to the temple daily to socialize with the rest in the temple. According to Mrs Lai he is not too keen to mingle with the pups but will explore around the entrance of the shed only and then sleep under her car waiting to go home.

When Mrs Lai was ready to go home yesterday she could not find Fuji! My goodness all of us panicked, we were busy with our individual chores, updating each other what each of us have done and will do we have actually neglected the pups around.

After more than an hour searching we still could not find him, but, we did notice that there was an outsider around the temple this afternoon. We were later told that he has worked in Cambodia before. Cold sweat started flowing and our hearts missed a beat…Cambodia….isnt dog meat eaten openly there????


The thought of another missing pup and Cambodia really frightened us. We lost Cookie (Ah Wong’s puppy) 3 weeks ago. We hope that whoever took her will take good care of her. Now its Fuji.

Unsatisfied that Fuji could not be found. Mrs Lai came in the evening again to look for him. Nobody would believed it. He was hiding under the container where Tri Tri is!! He sure gave us a fright of our lives.

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