Thursday, February 11, 2010

Candy Lemon Ngiam Leng Lui

Here is an update which we received and it does brighten up our day.To know that our effort is not wasted

She has adjusted really well. On the second day she was with us, we put her outside with her a cage on the porch to sleep. No howling. She adapted well. We placed newspapers and praised her when she did her 'business' on them. She learned really fast. From then on, she does it on the newspapers.

Candy has had her third vaccination already, and heartworm and de-worm. Now waiting to spay her.

Dont you all think Candy has bloomed into a beautiful lady?

Oh yes, Candy has a 'boyfriend', that's what we call him - the ice-cream man, the guy who sells ice-cream from a motor-bike. She looks forward to seeing him everyday, as he would throw her an ice-cream cone every time he passes the house. He will wait for her to call out to him, then stop a short distance away, their eyes meet, and she gets her treat! On days that the boys buy ice-cream from him, Candy gets two cones. I wonder if he does that to all the dogs around the neighborhood - rugi-lah.
She has recently learned to bark at strangers. In the past, because she has had no 'dog' mentor, she barked at ants, chased flies, her own tail, and even barked at the aeroplane flying above. We find her antics very entertaining and they make good dinner-time conversations. Today the boys took her out on a leash for the first time around the neighborhood, after we got her a dog license. She was like Tarzan coming to New York for the first time.

We still have to deal with ticks. She has chewed at least 6 pairs of shoes, slippers, sandals, some of which were new. We get her the dog bone chews from the pet shop, but she has been biting off everything she takes a fancy to, even my car number plate!

Joyce we are so glad that your family tolerated and understand Candy’s chewing habit.Wish her mum will find an adopter who is just as understanding as your family.

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