Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sai-E's last pup - Suki, was rehomed!

Sai -E enjoy the moment with Sam!

Aunty Sam and Uncle Ethan bring me for a walk

Bye Suki! Mama will miss you forever!

Please take good care, Suki!

Cute lil Suki - Renamed Raisin

Nice position, ya?? When will I see my mama again? I hope she can find a good home too!

My new mummy... she will bring me to Ipoh...

Here is the mail from sam:

"Hi, Pics of Suki playing with me & enjoying her rawhides before Jaclynn came n picked her up.

She is so adorable. Sob sob... Suki left 10 mins before Ms Leong came back. Ms Leong sayang our suki baby a lot!

These are pics of Sai E sending Suki off.

Me & my boyfriend (Ethan) walked Sai E for 15 mins after that to distract her. Its so easy to walk her now as she is used to leash & collar. She still enjoys her rawhide, sunbathing & sitting on her favourite carseat.

She looks fine, much better than I thought.
Jaclynn has adopted Suki & renamed her Raisin. Jack's mum brought Raisin back to Ipoh till mid of March. The notti Raisin keeps following Jack's mum at Ms Leong's house. She said Raisin is going to Ipoh for Vacation.

Thank god that all Sai E's pup has no carsick! Hope she enjoy herself in ipoh!

Further update : "My bf's slippers made some funny squeaking sound which is similar to puppy crying sound accidentally. She quickly looked towards my bf thinking her pup was crying. She did not look as sad as we expect as she enjoyed a lot while we walk her n her fave rawhide. "

Sai - E and her pups say thanks to you Sam and Eileen, for finding a good home for them.

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