Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rehomed Again!


The handsome Golden

Yes, its Golden. Not that he is a problem dog BUT it’s a wrong environment and different expectation. When Ms Tang had to give him up, she was actually sobbing her heart out. She wished she could keep him but he is just too big for an apartment she will be shifting into. As for Ms Ng, it did not turn out the way she hope for.Her other pet dog is on good term with Golden but Ms Ng was nipped by Golden when she applied some rash cream on him. As Ms Ng is a petite and gentle tutor, Golden’s reaction frightened her. She is afraid that she may not be able to handle him in future as Golden surely will be too strong for her.

Feedback from Fan who had fostered Golden

I have to say I have no problem with Golden when I was fostering him . He was very obedient.He did not make noise when he knows what is expected from him when I confined him in the play pen to sleep. Though he is as big as my adopted 2yr old Chloe he is a puppy at heart. He will squealed out of fright when Chloe nipped at him during their play. My children even play rough with him and he responded well with his playfulness. I suppose I do not expect anything from him and as such I do not feel pressured to mould him to be what I want him to be and my girls & I truly enjoyed his company.

P1100378Running around with LeoP1100325

Playing with Chloe

golden & mum

Golden with his new mummy, Mable, from Rawang.We would like to thank Mable and family for giving Golden a home and we hope that Golden will bring Mable and family lots of happy and wonderful moments.

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