Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Only Setback in the Temple.

We just couldn’t keep quiet anymore, we cannot carry on letting others think that this is really a good and happy place for the 4 legged here. He is really testing our patience. All this while we have tolerated his nonsense but we feel that he is getting too much! BUT what can we do???

Our 4 legged friends are always at his mercy. If we pick a quarrel with him our 4 legged friends  would be the victims….haiz….sigh,sigh…. we just let him be. We cannot deny the fact that  we have to give him the credit for initiating in building this shed.

This would have been a good temporary sanctuary for the 4 legged  if its not for him now. Nobody actually harm the 4 legged here except for a little shooing  or when the Municipal sets their feet here when there is a complain from the residents at the apartment nearby ( I have to admit,hardly nowadays). In fact the workers around here enjoy their company and will occasionally  feed them. (that explains why they are getting obese  like Cici,Lei Lei and Frosty).

It all started after he forcefully took the lead in extending our shed which the doggies too do not fancy  and Little   Panda gone missing .We actually suspected that  he took it without our knowledge.

He has proven to be an irresponsible dog owner. He used to have 3 dogs and Kiew have to bath them weekly and even sometimes feed them!  Eventually the dogs have gone missing  what more to ask him to spay them??  Obviously he can’t keep pet as he stays in an apartment currently!

Time and again Mrs Lai had sat down to talk to him, listen to his grouse and try to understand him. We sympathized with him but somehow he do not  realize that he is letting out his frustration on these poor four legged. Everyone has allowed him to have his ways when he built our shed attached to the temple (though the committee members of the temple are not agreeable ) and proceed to build the  extension when we were not prepared as our budget was running low. 

P1270050Guess what this is?

  Hah! Its the planks of needles! Yes he took the ef fort to make all these  to be put in places where the 4 legged are not suppose to be!


Now that we managed to find a kind donor who is willing to fence up the  area so that the doggies will not run all over the place , he is not happy as we did not ask him to construct it instead.

P1270053 The roof frame that was torn down at the extension site.

He  blocked the entrance of door to the  shed.  He broke the frame of the extension that was built by the new contractor the day before and today he cut off our electricity supply!!   Boy, I never knew there are such irrational people  living on earth. They just have nothing  else better to do than been destructive.

Its alright as we believe that what goes round will come around. In dog rescue we have come across all sort of people ill treating the helpless 4 legged. He has actually not harmed the 4 legged physically so we can still tolerate him.

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