Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventurous Cici... and the 3 new pups

Last Sunday, Kim and I decided to pay a visit to the pups that was born near the river side, it was located some where behind the apartment where Aunty Kiew stays. The passage that leads to the river side are full of bushes. Nicole and Ivy together with their friend visited the shed at the same time. So 5 of us decided to go there despite the fact that it was already dark. We can only make a move after Grace settled her rescued pup (Shyla) at the shed.

So, off we went to the so called "riverside" shed. We took a long walk there. It was quite a distance from the temple. After about 5 minutes of walk, we realised that Cici was following us from behind. Wow, looks like we have a little escort. Kim thought she just wants to walk with us for fun, little did we knew that she was serious in follwing us to the riverside. Well, let her escort us, but Kim told Cici sternly that she must follow us closely and cannot simply walk around.

This is the picture of Cici in the bushes, joining us visiting the 3 new born pups. She is very smart, ya?

These are the pups that was born near the river side. They fell in the drain few times and Aunty Kiew has to wake up in the midnight to rescue them from the river.

They really look like a big soft ball. So cute and so adorable. Aren't they?

Little Beige

Little Brownie

Little Chocolate

Nicole and Ivy and their friend cannot resist the charm of this 3 pups and they instantly requested Aunty Kiew to let them bring back to the shed to nurse them. Kim called Aunty Kiew to get her permission. However, permission was not allowed because the mother is still nursing the pups. Aunty Kiew said let them stay there for another one more week. Pups will grow stronger is they are fed with their mama's milk.

This are the pictures of the enclosure where the pups stays. We do not think that it is ideal for the pups but this is the best Aunty Kiew can provide. The river is just next to the enclosure.

We hope the pups will grow bigger and stronger before the week comes, so that we will be able to bring them back to the shed.

Cici was very patient guarding the surrounding while waiting for us to inspect the pups. She is a real explorer! We let her lead the way back to the shed. She spotted a snake in the bushes along the way. She was kind of terrified and refused to walk. Nicole had to carry her to reach the main road. Haha, Cici, thank you for being so alert and save us from being bitten by the snake!!

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