Thursday, November 26, 2009

We are dealing with tick and flea problem

New volunteer, young but experience Sam, who is also an independent rescuer of her own right, share with us her day in the shed helping Aunty Kiew out:

"The puppies were badly infested by a lot of ticks & fleas. We bathed a few of the puppies & tried to wipe them with the de-tick solutions. Cici (I think she is one of the very friendly latest rescued dogs) has hundreds of ticks on her body. Aunty Kiew named her Cici as she is very sticky (She loves human to bits). Even Wolfie's pups have ticks & fleas as well. Aunty Kiew said the latest batch that she rescued have a lot of ticks & fleas but we couldn't catch them as they are too timid & they tend to bite.

Today we caged all the puppies while we were cleaning the floor. They were whining to the max. But once they got exhausted, they just kept quiet & slept off."

It is a hard day work...ya?! Thank you Sam for joining us and sharing with us some of your valuable experience and knowledge in dealing with dogs.

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Jessica said...

Hi I'm interested to know how I could adopt from the puppies featured on your blog. Would appreciate if you could get back to me.