Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank you to all that has eased our burden

As usual it has been a tiring week, but luckily Friday was a holiday but not for Kim,she will be as devoted as Kiew to render her help during her off days. Thanks Kim, the doggies here appreciate you very much and hope you still can wear heels to your office for the next few days. Must let Ah Wong and family know that its because of serving them that you stepped on a rusty nails. Please take the necessary medication as per Doctor’s instruction.

On behalf of the doggie family we would like to thank Reena and Jackie for bringing the doggie kibbles,dog bowls, cleaning their ears and feeding them vitamins. We really appreciate what both of you have done and not forgetting educating new pet owners who were here. The doggies here love the touch of humans.

To Mrs Lee and daughters thanks for your donations, rice and towels. Everything donated are appreciated as nothing is wasted here.Do come by when you all are free and we will try our very best to get these 3 puppies you rescued a good home.

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