Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puppies after Puppies

Its a neverending problems if we do not spay our pets. We always hear people complaining about the strays in their area but they never take the effort to help to reduce the problems. Infact some of them are the culprit to the escalation of the problem by dumping them when the cute puppies are no longer cute and letting them roam at night when they are not spayed. Why dont they understand???

PB290908PB290899 Oophs! Kinda of blurrr….

Another 3 puppies rescued by a Mrs Lee from Puchong.She would have kept them if she doesnt have 4 rescued dogs at home.According to her 1 was knocked down by a car earlier and it does make her worry for these 3 puppies as the mother is always not around. Sigh,sigh…… can we refuse them? Can we not accept the puppies when we see them??? The puppies are innocent. Sigh,sigh….puppies we will try our very best to get you a good home.



This is Minnie. We named her Minnie because she is very tiny eventhough we think she could be already 5-6weeks.She is rescued by Kiew in the market again on Friday morning. She will never survive in the market,she looks like a small breed .She could easily be eaten by rats if we leave her there!! Why do people keep on dumping their pets in the market!!!!! Minnie don’t worry you are safe here.

Minnie having a fun moment with Sam...can you imagine how mini she is??

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