Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hmmmm.....not a bad day after all....

Though no puppies were adopted in the Cutie Pet Fair 2009 organised by Petster Magazines today, we had a fulfilling day
Firstly, with the permission of Malaysian Dog Desreve Better we are able to have a space for our puppies under their booth for dogs to be adopted . Secondly My’s booth was beside so I took this opportunity to meet Dr Chan and to thank her for helping to spay Kiew’s dogs. We will be sending another of Kiew’s dog, next week to my’s panel vet for spaying.
While we were at the park SPCA came to see how they can assist us back at the temple. Its great that they too can rendered their help to us.
Later that evening Kim sent Fluffy Brownie to see a vet to treat his skin problem and with the assistance of Save A Stray we managed to obtain a discounted fee.

Isn’t this a wonderful day for us despite the heavy down pour in the evening and no puppies adopted? I think it’s a day we should NEVER forget as we met all the 4 big organizations who are helping us in ONE DAY!

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