Monday, March 16, 2015

Mass Neutering by SPCA

Another mass neutering surgery program was held at our shelter. This session has a total of 10 dogs being neutered- 4 dogs from our shelter, Kim Ho's 4 rescued dogs and 2 dogs are from an old grandma in Hulu Langat (you may recall the "dog catching" session in our previous post).

During the surgery, we found out that Grandma's black female dog pregnant but all the babies were already dead in her womb.

It was a good thing that we managed to catch her with the great help from SPCA's team, lest her life would be in danger!

Thank you very much to SPCA's medical team for supporting our Trap Neuter Release Program.

Below a couple of photos of the session. Note:- Viewer's discretion is advised for 2nd photo.

Mass Neutering session of 10 dogs at our shelter

Grandma's black female dog who was pregnant but babies were already dead in her womb prior to spaying surgery. 

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