Friday, October 1, 2010

Fosterer urgently needed for 9 pups!!!!!

We urgently seek help for fosterer who can help us to rescue this 9 innocent pups that was delivered in a market in Old Klang Road. Mama dog is currently feeding her pups, but the hawkers in the market wanted to throw them away in the dustbin if nobody is coming to take them away.

Please help us to spread the news, we urgently need somebody to help us to put these pups in a safe place, before the hawkers dump them in the disposal area. We are currently buying time with the owner of the stall while we look for a fosterer, we will supply kibbles or any food and cages, what we need is a place to temporarily house them. As the shed is currently full and contaminated with some deadly virus, we are not able to move them to the shed as they are still young and unvaccinated.






Your urgent help is much appreciated.

Please call Vivienne at 012-2521562 if you are able to extend your helping hand!

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