Friday, September 17, 2010

Updates on Jack

Email from Mrs Teng:

Thanks for the concern about Jack. He is fine and has got along very well with us. The whole family especially my daughter Lily 'manja' him a lot. When he sees us he smiles and wags his tail non-stop.

The first week Jack was very quiet and dare not bark at all. After that he barks at strangers who come by to our house although he is still 'intimidated' by their presence. His confidence level is slowly coming back.

He is responding well to my husband who takes him for walks in the morning and evening. There was one occassion when Jack broke loose from his leash while chasing after a cat. My husband thought he would run away as before. But when my husband called him to come back to him, he obeyed his command.

We are now renovating our house and Jack is temporarily kept in my husband's office. In fact he is very happy there as there is air conditioning and he likes the cool air.

jack&lily Lily and Jack

Mrs Teng, we are really relief to hear that Jack has settled down so fast.His escape on the first day did worried us. I guess with the attention he gets from all of you he realise that it would be unwise to try and escape again.Thank you to all of you for giving him the undivided love and time which he lacks in our shed.

jack the fat dog

oh boy, he sure have put on weight

jack sleepingMy,my sleeping like a baby!

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