Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sandy and her handsome boys

IMG_0791  IMG_0794

Sandy may look like one genteel lady, but she is actually one very athletic mama! If there’s an olympic for dogs, she would most likely be the gold medalist for the high jump event..

Well, it would be a stiff competition between her and Mun Mun and Bibi :D

Sandy has been missing her boys Samy and Billy Boy for a week as they were away in the vet.

She was totally overjoyed to see her boy Samy back from the vet… Hhmmphh.. Sandy sure have her own unique way of showing her love to Samy =)

IMG_0007  IMG_0012  IMG_0015




We were wondering how would Sandy respond to Billy Boy as he were separated from Sandy weeks earlier.. We’re not sure if Sandy would still recognize Billy Boy.. So let them sniff each other out first before putting them together..








One Happy Family!





Billy Boy is the shy and timid one. He loves chilling out in the cage.

IMG_0749 IMG_0757

Samy is the mischievous one. He’s very attached to his mummy, Sandy.

IMG_0784  IMG_0788 IMG_0789

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