Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Well Soon

Kopi, Ah Boy and Docky, get well very soon!! We hate to see y’all suffer :(

Ah Boy, whom used to roam around the temple and were very wary of human, somehow started trusting us and Aunty Kiew managed to coax him into moving into the shed.

We’re really glad that we’re able to start treating his eyes and skin condition. Unfortunately, because we haven’t had the chance to vaccinate him, he got sick :(

IMG_0003 IMG_0158

Docky, the old man in the shed and Kopi, too, are not feeling too well.

IMG_0281 IMG_0531

Please help us send lots and lots of positive vibes to DOcky, Ah Boy and Kopi for SPEEDY RECOVERY and the rest of the furrizens in the shed so that they’ll be in the pinkiest health always! >_<

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