Sunday, September 5, 2010

German Shepherd Mixed????


 Our German Shepherd Mixed  are hot demand.


Why German Shepherds we asked?

Just because they are good guard dog with good temperament?

Why are they so good?

Don’t you realise that they are given special attention to  earn such reputation?

Don’t they realise mongrels  can earn such reputation too if you care to train them?



Our latest  is Missy and she was adopted  after a week in our shed(have yet to post on her adoption)

We still have 2 German Shepherd mixed around.

Any takers???

Subang and Bruno

“@_@ aAAwwW…” was my fellow friends remark.

“What’s  wrong?” I asked. They just need the same attention given to the pure breed GSD.. after all they are the product of unspayed and unneutered of pure breed.


He is currently very timid as he has never had human attention but we could sense that he is beginning to trust us.


She is really a lovely,lovable,  loyal companion, but like human can be moody at times. We adore her yet afraid of her moodiness but she has NEVER bitten us!  She just lack the training in our shed for her to shine.

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