Monday, September 6, 2010

Full moon celebration for Girlie’s baby

Wondering why is our EMO queen so happy today?

Because today it’s her god-puppies’ full moon party! Let’s Parteeey!!!!!!
Mun Mun & Snoopy got so excited & kissing Subang non-stop!

P1070475Jacky boy got pretty excited too as his previous owner – Kathryn brought him egg tarts & chicken rice!

Today’s a special day.. the first full moon celebration we ever had in the shed.

Aunty Kiew even bring a nice table cloth and cooked plenty of red eggs for the occasion.

And as usual the greedy pups would try to steal the food :D Too bad they’re not tall enough hehe..

IMG_0718 IMG_0724 IMG_0758  

*SniFF SnIff sNiff SNIFF*

IMG_0737 IMG_0739 IMG_0753

Here comes the full moon boy and gals!

IMG_0771  IMG_0783

Okay everyone, get set, ready and eat!

IMG_0805  IMG_0810 IMG_0815

Chicken is everyone’s favourite dish!

IMG_0818  IMG_0834 IMG_0829

IMG_0837 IMG_0848

After no chicken remains, they moved on to the eggs!

IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0873

Then for dessert, it’s mummy’s milk =)

IMG_0869  IMG_0866

Happy Full Moon, Girlie’s pups! We wish you all a loving home and the pinkiest health!!

P1070510 oh no!! Billy boy was having terrible hang-over after the partey!

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