Friday, September 10, 2010

Come and see our new suites!

The shed is over populated and we decided to make more rooms for the furrizens, especially to house the new arrivals. Our 4 legged friends are definitely excited about their new suites…and here are some pics on the work in progress.

Image003 Image004 Image005 Image006 Image007 Image010

Uncle Tony was busy checking out the raw materials…Thanks to uncle Tony who contributed his free time to build all this beautiful half way home for the furrizens here…


Special thanks to Eileen who contributed the tiles…

3 hero 3

Aunti Kiew and Uncle Wong were seen busy helping out transporting the donated cage by Mr Peter Lim…

3 hero1

Lastly, please meet the 3 musketeers…The trio…Untie Kiew, Uncle Tony and Uncle Wong…(what is it that is so interesting??? They seem to be so synchronised??)…the back bone of the shed!!

3 hero

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