Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Man on the block # 1

After the departure of His Majesty, Johnson ( now renamed Jack ) to his new castle, the spot for the most charming and eligible male dog in the shed are still vacant. We do have a few candidates eyeing the spot and today we’ll be introducing to you our first candidate, Poppy,

Candidate # 1

Name: Poppy

He’s macho and he’s got a crush on Girlie (one of the new mama in the shed) :D And Vien just love his squarish face >_<

IMG_0545 IMG_0547

Poppy posing for his photo shoot.. oopss.. Mulan need to pass so she quietly sneak behind Poppy

IMG_0548 IMG_0551

*gGrrR* Poppy not to pleased that his photo shoot is disturbed. Now now Poppy, that’s very un-gentleman-ly of you.

Word of advice: You need to polish up your manner if you want to win the title @_@

Coming up next –> Dou Dou, the very talkative dog..


Ladies, sorry but we need to make appointment for photo shoot and interview with the candidates before posting up their details.

And they’re only available on weekend. So check out our blog next week for the post on the rest of the candidates!

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