Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mun Mun, beautified

Nope, no surgery is involved. No botox, no reconstructive surgery or whatsover..

Just love and care by the amazing people that are dedicated in getting her recovered from demotex.

Of coz with the help of proper and healthy food plus some supplements =) That said, please always feed your canine companion with proper healthy food to ensure they’re in the pinkiest of health!

I took these pictures when I first visited the shed in May 2010.

IMG_0190  IMG_0189




Mun Mun with one of her best fren, Macy, that has been adopted during TCM Adoption drive organized by Petster and Petfinder.





Merely 3 months after I first saw Mun Mun, she has blossomed into one beautiful lady. Isn’t it wonderful and amazing how much just a little love and care can transform her?

Mun Mun is of course not fully recovered yet. It would be a long process of recovery. We really hope she would find a loving home that would ensure her speedy recovery!

Pls email us at if you wish to give Mun Mun a home.

IMG_0857  IMG_0852

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