Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little Mandy, back by popular demand

Little Mandy is one of the sweetest and well-mannered pup in the shed. She get along very well with her roomies, Tasha and Billy Boy.

She is independent yet affectionate, therefore she will be awesome for people that can’t handle puppy’s constant whining for attention.

IMG_0170  IMG_0387 IMG_0160

Mandy @ her dorm she shared with Tasha and Billy Boy

IMG_5158  IMG_5822

Affectionate but also independent. She will find something to do or daydream if she’s alone..


Oh, and Mandy is previously referred as “the one with pretty eyebrows” >_<




Mandy when she first arrived at the shed. She was rescued by Uncle Wong along with 8 other puppies.

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