Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life as pups

Remember Bibi and her pups who checked into our shed 2 weeks ago? Click here to read about her journey from Klang.

Well they are now staying in the family suite and enjoying life as it is.

IMG_0092  IMG_0149

Bibi is one gentle mummy. Don’t she have a pair of lovely ears? And she look very athletic too, long and slim legs!

And her pups are just so darn adorable.. And here’s a typical day in life as pups:

IMG_0152 IMG_0154  IMG_0174

Sleep and Day Dream

IMG_0187  IMG_0188

Mingle around with the siblings

IMG_0171  IMG_0181  IMG_0193

Be cute






And Toes-Licking?? >_<

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