Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Only if they were given proper care and LOVE…


                                         A Shih Tzu pup that was rescued by Vivien last month

Poor pup was confined in the cage 24/7 since her birth in this contractor family. Pup was also separated from her mama and was not given proper nursing. The family was in ultimately miserable state. Vivien came to her rescue and managed to rehome her to a friend.

Right picture was taken when she was rescued and left picture is one month after she was rehomed. What a great difference given the proper care and treatment. She is in so much better shape just in a month.

Please, please, please our dear human friends, if you want to keep a pet, please bear in mind that this is a long term commitment …and… the animals deserve a proper life with due care! Please do not take thing for granted and animals do have feeling and they also feel the pain and hunger, just like we human being.

We believe there are so many more sad cases like this Shih Tzu and they may not be so lucky to have met Vivien. Please tell your friends and relatives whoever that keep a pet, please give them a proper home that comes with proper treatment!


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