Wednesday, August 4, 2010

His Majesty, Johnson Sr come, see, and conquer

His Majesty Johnson Sr is indeed the royalty of the dog shed.. Why, you wondered?

We have to send Gim and Joe to invite him to come to our dog adoption drive.

And the poor men have to “sweet talked” him into coming too. :D

When all else fail, they have to carry him to the “Coach”..


 His Majesty has arrived!

IMG_6097 IMG_6124 IMG_6121

Johnson with one of his fan, Vien’s fren >_< and we’re so privileged that he granted us a photo shoot!

IMG_6161 IMG_6180

Okay Johnson, we have found you a nice castle for you to reside…

Uh Ohhh.. Johnson downright refuse to walk without red carpet… *sigh*



Lucky we have Sam to carry him to the car..

Fuuyoohh Sam!! Kecil Kecil Cili Padi yea.. 

Johnson’s almost the same weight as her but she carry it like ‘sap sap sui’ only.




kim said...

The "buang" prince is finally found his new kingdom.

Oh!!! the prince has so many pretty and stong fellows and bodyguard -- so "cool"

Unknown said...

When we reached home, my husband unleashed Johnson. Within minutes he found a big gap in the fence and ran off. 3 cars and 4 adults were running after him for 2 1/2 hours (frm 5 to 7.30 p.m). We were really exhausted and about to give up when my son cornered him into the side gate of a bungalow.

Johnson's new name is Jack and he is warming up to us. He has put on some weight but hasn't barked yet.

edgykay said...

ROFL.. we hope Jack wont be giving much trouble in future. Thanks so much for giving him a good home =)