Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Bye, Midnight!


Midnight did not make it…. no matter what we did, he did not pull through. =~(
He passed away peacefully in UPM on 8/8/2010.

Midnight is finally free from his suffering esp. from hunger. He was not able to eat and drink for weeks on end.
We all miss him because he was such a sweet gentle cat.

On 5/8/2010:
Mrs Lai sent Midnight to UPM to seek for medical treatment from Dr Grace & Dr Noor.  They had performed blood test on Midnight to see whether he is ok to do the scoping.  It seemed everything  Dr Grace performed the endoscoping for her to ascertain what causes the esophagus narrowing. Dr Grace was planning to do the balloon dilation (after the endoscoping) to make the esophagus bigger so he can take in some nutrients orally.

On 9/8/2010:
Mrs Lai went to UPM this morning to sign the paper to let them do autopsy research on Hitam.  The surgery bill was big, more than RM500.

We would like to thank Dr Lee (Lee Vet) ,Dr Edmund (Bandar Puteri Vet), Dr Grace (UPM) for helping the poor cat that seeking for medical treatment desperately.And also Ms Leong, a truly animal lovers who is willing to sponsor Midnight’s hefty medical bill.


Here is the mail from Dr Susanna: (Midnight was supposed to go for his accupuncture treatment after the endoscoping….)

“Dear all involved Paws Mission members,

I feel deep sympathy for the loss of Hitam for all of you who loved and cared for her!

Although i didn't have the privilege to have met her I am absolutely sure she gave and taught love, patience and trust to everyone whose life she touched.
I feel honoured that you would have entrusted me with caring for her!

As saddening as Hitam's passing on is I truly believe that we will meet all our beloved ones again (2- & 4-pawed) - when our time comes! Until then Hitam's soul is finally free (of pain, sorrow, anguish and restrictions) and in peace.

May Hitam continue to live in your/our memory and may her soul be free and in joy always!

Warm regards to all of you,

Dr.Susanna Brida-Hofherr
Veterinarian & Certified Vet. Acupuncture”


It is truly heartbreaking for us to lost such a gentle and sweet-natured cat. But his existence has truly touched our hearts. Oh ya… he has even influenced me into cat-rescuing too!

May he rest in peace!

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