Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foster home urgently needed for 2 pups

A SOS mail from E-Ching , on behalf of rescuer Deborah Ong, urgently seeking help to rehome 2 cute pups or a temporary foster home :

“ Two female pups, local breed, one month old. Mummy dog is a stray.

The pups and Mummy are staying on the 3rd floor landing of a shop lot which house workers of the Fu Kua Restaurant downstairs.

They are healthy. But one of the workers (Myanmese) who looks after them said that his co-workers are complaining about the pups. So he is going to throw them out but will keep the Mummy.

I pleaded with him to let them be at least until this weekend whilst I try to re-home them.

If you want to adopt, please call Deborah, 016 3304533”

mail mail1

Cute pups…

mail2 mail3

Please help to spread the link …or you may call us or send us a mail at if you can spare a place that call home to this 2 lil pups.

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