Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dou Dou’s got a crush!

Yes! Dou Dou, who just got a new haircut was feeling a bit insecured due to the sudden lack of hair, but this does not stop him from developing a crush on none other than…..


Can you guess who she is? >_< She’s the furrizen custome designer and she always drop by to help walk the dogs and also clean the shed and feed the dogs…

IMG_0024  IMG_0041  IMG_0042

Dou Dou enjoying his walk around the temple.. and unknown to all of us, slowly developing a crush on “her”.. ~_^

As the evening pass by and everyone ( us and the furrizens ) are chilling at the shed..

IMG_0585 IMG_0573

Most furrizens are almost asleep after a hearty meal and busy day..

Suddenly.. them and us are quite rudely disrupted by..

IMG_0601  IMG_0603

*WWWoooFFF!! RooFFF RRuuFFF!!!*

*GGrrRR….Wuff Wooff Wooofffff"*

which translate to

* Apple, Apple, where are you *

* Move out of my way Sophia, i’m looking for Apple *

IMG_0558 IMG_0654  IMG_0656

ooOoo.. Apple there you are… *whines* I thought you don’t sayang me no more…. *whines*





*the rest of the furrizens*

Ppheww… Now we can go back to our naps…..zzZZzzzz












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