Monday, August 23, 2010

A Blessing in Disguish ??????



3 cute puppies

From: One of the temple ‘s member.

Reason for being in the temple: Do not know what to do with them and can’ t keep them at home because they already have 2 adult dogs at home.

Apparently they took their female dog to be spayed( Coincidently, we met him at the vet when he brought his dog for some medical attention) BUT he accidently took his male dog to the vet instead !(Anyway we were glad it happened, otherwise he would not neuter his male dog).

Our regret: We failed to follow up to ensure that his female pet is spayed.

The outcome : These 3 irresistible innocent puppies.

Their names : Kow-Kow,Ngah Ngah,Chuan Chuan (yucks!!! Future owner please change their names.)

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Unknown said...

Two of the pups are like wearing eye liners! :)