Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another lost dog found

eileen 2

eileen 1

Eileen found this dog yesterday evening at USJ 18, Subang Jaya. He was walking very slowly in an empty field and came to her when Eileen called him. He was panting and seemed very tired. Ate a bit of kibbles and followed her to her car.

Eileen tried to carry him but he snapped at her. Luckily according to Eileen her gloves came in handy and she managed to heave him into the car. He was very quiet and slept all the way to the vet.

Eileen hopes to find his owner. He is not a young dog, his body fur has been shaved except for the tail. Very friendly. Please help us to find the owner of this dog and please spread the link to your friends or relatives who stay nearby.

You may contact Eileen at 019-3203875.

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