Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abandoned or Lost?

Hey all, meet Sean! Sam and Ethan found him wandering in Ampang with his leash.

Unable to locate the owner, they took him home and bath him and take him to the vet the next day.

Boy oh Boy, Sean sure loves car ride! He can’t sit still and keep pacing left right at the back. Poor Sam >_<

IMG_0754    IMG_0759

Now now Sean, don’t you even think about jumping to the front seat. ^_*

ooOo.. You sure got a set of lovely teeth!

IMG_0763  IMG_0765

Tis’ my first visit to the vet! And after this visit, I sure have a new found respect for vets!

IMG_0772  IMG_0787 IMG_0786

Because Dr. Zamri needs to draw blood test from Sean, it is absolutely necessary for Sean to wear the mouth muzzle..

As we’ll never know how a dog will react to having a needle injected to their body.

To distract Sean’s attention, both Sam and Ethan kept on petting and scratching him..

Sean is now residing at the dog shed while waiting for the blood test result.

As of now, we’re still not sure if Sean is abandoned or lost..

Pls email us if you know of anyone who lost a dog matching Sean’s picture.

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