Saturday, July 10, 2010

Something Fishy

IMG_07401 P1010408


Pictures on the left is Simon(one of our rescued pup re homed,returned and re homed) taken a month ago.She and her sisters were rescued by Aunty Kiew from the market sometime back in February 2010.

Pictures on the right column is Micky(brown and white ) and Mini(black and white) taken yesterday.

Do you see any resemblance?

P1010449 This pregnant mama is seen loitering outside the house of Micky and Mini.

Something not right here….we begin to probe further.

This could be the 3rd or 4th pregnancy of this mama dog. Haiz……….. We felt terrible hearing this. We found out that Micky and Mini are her puppies that were adopted out of 8. Some were given away, and the rest were found in the market!!! THE MARKET!!! The Market where Aunty Kiew kept on picking up puppies!!! We felt like screaming. Our sixth sense tell us this is where the puppies are from.

Micky and Mini are now available for adoption. The kind maid is waiting for someone to adopt them, by asking passerby of the house. Sigh,sigh………. we are just speechless. If efforts were taken to spay this mama, this will never happen……….

Now, we have to monitor this mama,named Lady. We have to ensure that she will be spayed after birth and the puppies will be adopted and not be found in the market anymore!



Zammie said...

Sigh. The mama dog belongs to someone? Is it possible to take the mama dog to shed?

Paws Mission said...

Spoke to a resident there,she was seen loitering there for past 2yrs since this resident shifted in. She has helped to rehomed 9 of her puppies once.She has not been able to touch her after 2 years? Wonder w'ther we could or not? Just hope we are able to make a difference this time.Very heartbreaking to see homeless dogs.