Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Bad and Good News

Our morning did not really start well. We received a SOS message from Jacqueline of SAS . 6 Beautiful puppies of Labrador and retriever mixed with collars and harnesses caught in the pound! Our heart sank! The thought of puppies been helpless in the pound is a very sad. Our mind starts to wandered …. what actually happened??? PETS OWNERS, PLEASE …PLEASE….may it be a puppy or an adult dog make sure your pet do not escape from your house compound. Dog catchers are never happier to catch them. They are paid for every dog they catch. Kind hearted Jacqueline quickly make the necessary arrangement to rescue them once we are able to assist her.


Puppies in pound is really not a good sight. Pictures taken from MDDB’s blog

…sigh,sigh…sigh..sob,sob… 6 beautiful puppies with COLLARS and HARNESSES were put down today instead of tomorrow morning as told…. the rest are left to be imagined…..


Danson who adopted our Softball in Mar 2010 smsed us this morning. Softball left him….may he rest in peace…..

Despite these 2 unhappy incidents Mr Daniel called to cheer us up.We really do not remember who he is (sorry Mr Daniel, as we only dealt with you once last year). He called to inform us that Tri Tri’s 3 pups adopted by Mr Bala in Port Dickson are the luckiest dogs he has even met. According to him 3 of them are happily running around the house and get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea in front daily besides getting a dip once in a while.Mr Daniel said he will introduce people to our shed again. Thanks Mr Daniel for bringing Mr Bala here to adopt our puppies.We remember you now.

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