Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marisa is back again….

Here is the update from Mrs Lai:

“… attached some of Marisa pictures in my house. She fell in love with my Golden Retriever as you could see from the pictures. She could also jump up to reach for my marketing and super marketing stuff on the kitchen counter; fishes , chicken as well as lamb chops were always strewn around on my kitchen floor. At first I wonder whether it was my Golden who did that because only he could reach that high but he has never done that before, then later I saw the naughty Marisa (who was half my Golden's height) on her little toes reaching for all these goody stuff. I was very happy for her because it means she has very strong hind legs to support her. Of cos I gave her very nice cooked lamb chop etc after that. She still jumps for me whenever she saw me in the shed. I promise her I will take her back to my house once a while to eat lamb chop!

Mrs Lai”



It is good to know that Marisa is back to her normal mischief self…

m1 Marisa is currently back to the shed to join her shed mates…of course she has fun time meeting all her old mates…and some new arrivals too!

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