Sunday, July 4, 2010

LongLong the LongKang Pup

P1050153Hello everyone,

My name is LongLong. I do not know my date of birth as I have been separated from my mama quite some time. I think (yea, I think) I am around 5 months old. Sam said I am kinda petite for my age. I used to stay in the longkang (i.e. drain) next to a security guard house. The security guard (Adeel) used to feed me whenever he has extra money to buy me dinner. I really appreciate his kind gesture. He knows that it was very difficult for me to look for food due to my timid nature. I was loitering around the street near the guard house in wee hours. I ran back to the guard house whenever I saw other strangers approaching.

P1050133 P1050130 P1050131 P1050132
I’m so camera-shy x_X

The guard house was due to torn down by end of June 2010. Luckily Adeel & his colleagues caught me & hand me to PawsMission. I am still timid after 3 days being at the shed. I have never met so many four-legged friendsSs previously.

I am now getting used to human touch. Give me a chance & spare me some time. It will only take me a few minutes to warm up with you. I will be your life-long companion, I promise!

Please call Fan 012-2052906 / Sam 012-2900215 / Mrs Lai 016-3323382 to enquire more!
P/S: If we do not pick up your calls, either we are busy attending other dogs, feeding the dogs, at the vet, on the phone with other adopters / rescuers / vets, we are at work etc…. So please drop us an SMS / email ( to let us know more about you! We would love to hear from you.

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