Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jeanie and Josie Went Home

Jeanie and Josie  finally went home with Mrs Devinder. These 2 sisters were happily tailing Mrs Devinder and her daughter,Nisha when they were here to see our furry friends. Nisha, an animal lover herself loves all the doggies in the shed.They were here to select only one but they couldn’t bear to separate these 2 sisters.

 P7130029 P7130026 Nisha giving Jeanie a hug

Mr Vijay was here to pick these 2 sisters home the next day. 2 of them were so excited , honing away in the car to   hurry Mr Vijay before  the door could be closed securely.

P7190119 P7190118

Josie was zapping around, eager to run to the van.

   P7190117Waiting impatiently to go out

P7190120 Making their exit known by honing away in the van!

P7190122Mr Vijay has to ensure that they are safely behind the van when he drives.

To Mrs Devinder, Thank You for bringing them home and not separating them. Your family will  definitely be filled with laughter and joy with these 2 sisters around!

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