Sunday, July 18, 2010

PUTERI is Her Name


Puteri enjoying the chicken meat

hmm, i found a puppy, not sure how old that puppy is... i think that puppy is lost n he is now hiding at my floor under a closet belonging to my neighbour..a black puppy n bigger than mario..that puppy is sooo afraid of human..he juz stay under the closet n not coming out..we feed him, but he only will eat when noboby is around..i'm afraid my neighbour will hurt him..can u pls take him n rescue him? .

The above is from Zura again. Zura and family stays in Taman Suria Jaya apartment and have 9 cats in their apartment! Living in an unfriendly dog neighbourhood its very difficult for them to keep this little puppy which we name “PUTERI”, a way of thanking Zura and family for being so kind to all these unfortunate furry friends they meet.( This is the second puppy they have rescued. Their first one, Mario will be coming back to our shed after a week in the clinic under the vet’s observation. Stay tuned for Mario’s rescue story)

In response to Zura’s call,off Mrs Lai go with chicken meat and water.

Puteri is about 4-5 months old. There is an old wound on her head, she must have been injured before. She became friendly after been offered with the chicken and obviously she is available for a good home too.

To Zura and family, THANKS FOR BEING SO KIND !!!

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