Thursday, July 29, 2010

Better Late Than Never ~~ Photos from TCM Adoption Drive on 6th June 2010

After procrastinating for more than a month, i finally got around to upload some pictures taken from the adoption drive held in Tropicana City Mall on 6th June 2010. A Zillion thanks to Petster Magazine and Petfinder for inviting PAWS Mission to join in the adoption drive!


 “Brownie” : Where’re we going?? *whines* I scare scare…




                                                         Blackie” : I know ur scared, but pls don’t bite my

                                                               leg ok.. I just powdered them..





“Brownie” : *sigh* Ur so vain.. Can i snuggle under you then?

“Blackie” : Very well then. Don’t worry, we’re going to this big mall

                    where there will be lots of ppl to sayang us, and maybe take

                    us home.






Both “Brownie” and “Blackie” got adopted during the adoption drive. We’re so happy for them and also very grateful to the kind people whom gave them a home!

IMG_0106                                   IMG_0108

Andy and Millie in a staring competition but got distracted by a leng lui that walks by >_<

IMG_0092  IMG_0166   IMG_0184

All of Aunty Kiew’s kitten got adopted too! And Yayyy To Chrissy as she’ll be going back with Lynda!



         A total of 3 kittens, 3 pups and 1 dog were adopted. Hooray!!

         ** My memory isn’t what it used to be… so pls correct me if i’ve got the above wrong :D                                                                                      IMG_0201


We also took the opportunity to appeal for donation for Marisa’s treatment. Thanks to all of you whom had contributed to the fund! For updates on Marisa’s recovery journey, click here

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