Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Animal Loving Kids and Miko

Miko was very quiet for the first few days after been adopted. After realizing that Lisa and kids will not abandon her and feeling very confident in this new environment, she is up to mischief. She will dashed out the gate to feel what is like out of the house, been picky on what is fed, replanted Lisa’s potted plant and even chewed off 2 new leash! (We are really surprise to hear that, she was very obedient while been fostered. She never dared to step out of the house’s gate let alone been picky on food. We suppose feeling secure could be the reason for her bold behavior).

The animal loving kids

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Miko and her temperamental companion,Chi Chi

Luckily Lisa and kids know how to handle her.CANE is the answer. Ha,ha,ha, when we heard that we are totally agreeable to that theory because if you spare the rod, you spoil the child! It works well with Miko.Pets like a child need to be disciplined too.Do not expect that dogs will be what you want them to be if you do not guide and teach them.


The animals loving kids are looking for a rabbit. If you have rabbits please contact us.One of their rabbit just pass away.These caring kids too rescued an injured kitten and we will help them find a home when she is ready. 1