Monday, June 14, 2010


P6110027 She came to greet us when she saw us.How well mannered…..and we felt happy to see her reaction.

P6110029 She then waited for Dr Susanna,not for her treatment but ………..

for TREATS!!!P6110030 THATS MARISA! Never shy to ask for what she wants.

P6110047After getting what she wanted,, she looked for a safe spot to enjoy it .


Found it! and Yum, yum…hmmn delicious ! Never tasted these before…

P6110039OK Marisa ,its treatment time, no more treats for the time being



More on her hind legs as this is where she needs more help


Dr Susanna, I have been good, don;t you think I deserve something else besides the dry treats you gave me??? I mean…arh.. the usual sausage after the treatment?


How could Dr Susanna forgets???


Yeah this is what I am waiting for! See now I can stand to eat.

Thank you Dr Susanna for coming over to help me. I know I have caused a lot of Aunties and Uncles out there worry.Without your help, I really do not know what will become of me.

P6110051 Hey where are you all taking me to Uncle Dizzy?

P6110059Marisa, Aunty April and Aunty Fan are bringing you to meet Aunty Lydia.Aunty Lydia will teach these Aunties how help to strengthen your legs. You will be given massages on your body and legs


Alright, anything that will help me recover fast I will obediently follow.

See, I can walk in a straight line already!! But then I do get tired fast too. Hope Aunty Lydia will help me regain my strength. I realised that my hind muscles are very soft and I can’t exercise too much as I do not want to exert myself. Physiotherapy will certainly helps me.

P6110063 Aunty Lydia be gentle OK?

P6110072 Marisa, don’t worry you will love every minute of it

P6110064P6110070 The fore and hind legs need to be massaged even though the fore legs are not having any problem.

P6110069Aunty Lydia’s big gentle rescued mama dog assisting Aunty April by lending her back to get all the instructions properly documented so that Uncle Dizzy will massage me daily.


Now its Aunty April’s turn. Aunty Lydia will have to see that she is doing it correctly.


Hey Marisa! Are you asleep??? You must have enjoyed it so much that you dozed off!!!

To Aunty Lydia, Thank you for been so generous in sharing your knowledge and expertise. Its great to know that there are still so many caring people around especially in helping animals.

Marisa certainly will pull through knowing that there are so many people out there helping her, sending positive vibes and thoughts. Now we are waiting for her to make some noise, maybe a bark hopefully soon….. but not to often ( she can be very noisy with her irritating bark :P) . In the meantime please help to find a loving and caring home for her.

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Zammie said...

Sometimes Marisa look like a sheep! :D