Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome To My House - Fan

P1010055 First you will notice that this house is occupied by not only 2 legged humans


There will be evidence to tell you I have 3 friends who loves to compete who leaves the longest trail.(Heard that some people actually cane them for leaving their trace in the car porch. For me, I have only myself to blame for not teaching them properly.But I will not cane them, why stress myself?)


Nothing will be left untouched if you were to drop anything on the floor


You will see stains on the entrance of the house.The small wooden shelve has been removed and thrown as the base has warped due to the continous dampness of pee. A plastic shoe rack is replaced with a plastic sheet placed under the favourite leg of the rack to prevent further staining of the floor. Punishing is too stressful (I am a lousy guardian actually).


sofaOh, this is not new just because it still has the plastic wrap round the base. This is because I do not want my sofa to stink !

P1010076The disadvantage of being voiceless and you find that Actions Speak Louder than Words

P1010066 P1010046P1210566

They think they can do a better job in trimming the plants and helping me in putting fertiliser.



All new shoes will be tested for durability before you get to wear them.


Caught in the Act! But life still goes on……


My backyard gate really need repainting

P5190257Next you find them lazing in the room


or Sunbathing!


As if nothing has happened!!

So you are not ALONE after all if you have some of this part and parcel of having a pet. Do share your encounters with us.


Unknown said...

What an entertaining tour of the "renovation works" by your 4 legged family members hahaha. I don't know how you tahan the indoor marking Fan, you must have the patience of a saint! If any of my dogs did that they will kena barbecue, even Axel who likes to mark on his walks has never dared lift his leg indoors.

But at my residence the "renovation works" are quite similar - my helpful puppies have done a lot of stuff: digging the garden, "trimming" plants, remodelling furniture, redesigning car bumpers, even pest control service is included!

Fan said...
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Fan said...

Melissa, even I can't tahan also have to tahan. Some people would have dumped them.Why stressed myself being angry with them?Life is just too short to be angry. Look at the lighter and brighter side of things. Its unnecessary to get worked up on these issues.Its not a death sentence. They do bring joy to me and famiy despite all these nottie things they do.I know one fine day I will miss them too...

Unknown said...

100% agreed Fan :) No point getting all worked up, after all when our dogs help to "remodel" our house it's not like they do it on purpose to make us angry! Kids do naughty and destructive things too and obviously we don't turn them out, I hope more people will have that same commitment to their pets :)