Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Want Our Mama!

Mama dog Sharon was adopted by Esther on Last Saturday.

Her daughters Millie & Myllie got so depressed after their mama went to a new home.

P1030905 P1030908
Sharon with her two precious babies – Millie (right) & Myllie hiding behind

P1030912 P1030911
Esther’s sister, Wing will take care of Sharon from now on… Millie Myllie trying to disturb when Wing & Sharon posing for pix

We have to keep Millie & Myllie in the cage. Sharon waving goodbye to her babies…

The busybody Lar Char Mau comforting the sad girls

 P1030918 P1030919
Mama, please don’t go!! =~(

Millie & Myllie been crying & trying to escape since Sharon left. Its been a week since Sharon has gone to her new home. Sharon also tried to escape from Esther’s house once.

P1030930Millie: I want my mummy! 

We have been telling Esther about the 2 cry babies missing their mum. So Esther decided to adopt Millie & she will bring Millie home next week. That’s a happy reunion.

P1030904Like mother like daughter…

Btw, Esther has renamed Sharon Siu Ba (after a superstar dog in HK drama)

How bout Myllie the Zorro face? Please give her a loving home too!


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