Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our First Appeal For Marisa

Marisa love

Marisa, is currently under treatment by Dr Edmund Yeoh in Puchong. She was recently diagnosed with severe tick fever and the virus has attacked her nerve system. She has weak legs and cannot walk on her own. She fitted once last week for 2 minutes. Her head somehow tilted towards right side, Dr Lui said the lesion may be at her left brain.

According to Dr Edmund, medical treatment may not be able to help her anymore coz her nerve system has been affected.

DSC00062She could not lift up her head to eat

DSC00067Her head is tilted to her right

We do not know how long she is going to be like this but we would like to treat her with acupuncture and we do not know how many session she will need.

We currently still have 40dogs in our shed in Old Klang Road and as we are only a small rescue team consisting of a few animal lovers who believes that animals deserve to be given a second chance to have a better life and be treated with respect ,dignity, love and kindness, we would like to set up a funds separately to treat Marisa.

camera pictures 036In the vet for treating he cut paw in Mar 2010

Lydia & pups1 (3)When we first saw her all chained up in an orphanage in Jan2010

This would be our first time in appealing to those who would like to help in treating our unfortunate furry friends. We do hope that you can give us a helping hand to help the stray animals we rescue.

If you'd like to chip into our funds specially for Marisa, our account’s details are as follows:


MBB Account No. 112857033831

Please understand that we are not a registered society, so we do not have a corporate account.

Do follow-up with an email to missionshare5@gmail.com so that we can record your donation and thank you.

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