Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marisa’s Update

OMG! Marisa destroyed the small blue soft toy. Worse only the filling is left, the blue skin n soft rubber cup is missing!! Think she ate them.

She is also taking 3 to 4 steps up the staircase daily but still have not

make any noise yet……..

………that is some updates on Marisa from Dizzy.

Bath Day 130610 (7)Bath Day 130610 (2)Bath Day 130610 (1) Bath Day 130610 (4)

Can you differentiate who is who? According to Dizzy they don’t acknowledge each other. We believe Marisa knows Roxie is the Tai Kar Che here.

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Unknown said...

I see 2 butterflies in 2nd and 3rd pictures...:)