Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have You Met Docky?

We are sure some of you actually read Docky’s story during the adoption drive @ Pet World Expo.

The ribbons & stars & hearts for Docky on last Saturday.

Hello everyone,

I am Docky. I am 12-year old, male, single & availabe. I was abandoned by my owner when they shift to their new house.


I have been waiting for my owner for the past two years. I could still recognise my owner’s car (Toyota Altis) with my blurred vision. I could still run like a horse to chase the Altis whenever I see one.

My rescuer, Vivien is actually my long-time neighbour. I knew her since she was in kindergarten & now she is gonna have her SPM exam this year. She has been feeding me & bath me occasionally since my owner abandoned me. Thank you Vivien! I love you…

P1040495 P1040489
*Docky waiting for Vivien outside her house*

Vivien asked us to rescue Docky as she notice Docky’s left ears was bleeding for days due to dog fight. She has been applying medication for him for the past few days.

P1040505 P1040504 
We caged Docky at night and sent him off to the vet the next morning.

P1040562 P1040573 P1040559
Docky was so puzzled at the vet =(

Dr Zamzi said Docky smell like maggots. He quickly checked his left ear & found that his left ear was full of maggots. But luckily we do not need to amputate his ear. He also has zillions of ticks on his body.

P1040584 P1040590 

P1040593 P1040592
Dr Zamzi quickly applied medication to kill all the maggots before removing those disgusting creatures.

Get Well Soon, Docky!

We visited Docky the next day. He was resting in the cage & eats very little.
According to the vet, he is very depressed & down now. =(( We are sure he misses his owner terribly!

We look forward to see your happy face soon!

Thank you everyone from the bottom of Docky’s paws. Thank you for sponsoring his weekly food & medical expenses during the Pet World Expo. Docky is one of the dogs who collected the most ribbons, stars & hearts.

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