Friday, May 7, 2010



minnie5Chi Li on 10-01-10 & Adrain's Condo 001

Elsie is on the verge of returning Minie renamed Chili to us.

“Chili is too helpful” she told us. Besides helping Elsie with her gardening, Chili helps the neighbor keep their laundry! Don’t you think Chili is a homemaker’s dream? If she can mob the floor, I think she would do it too!

Anyway after weighing all Minie’s pros and cons and with us trying to understand why Minie is so helpful, Elsie gave a second thought. We know its a tough decision ie. to accept each other habits and routines. You need to compromise to be happy especially living with a pet.



Yumiko renamed Chili too was returned because she is having fungus infection and doesn’t want her problem to spread to her other furry friends staying with her. She is now been fostered by Fan who has other pets too. Let us give Yumiko some time.She was a beauty before adopted, soft brownish,velvety shiny brown coat.She doesn’t wish to have fungus infection too, right?

Lets give them a chance.

Elsie decided to rename Chilli, Kellie in memory of her beloved pet who has gone to Rainbow Bridge. She thinks“Chilli “is too hot to handle, and we will call Yumiko, Miko instead of Chilli .

So if you ever adopt our furry friends, No CHILLI PLEASE!

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