Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Merci, Princess Lotus

Darling lotus dropped by to visit us after her weekly grocery shopping at Ikano Power Centre. Her beloved daddy, Chris wanna bring her back to visit her other four-legged friends to remind her how LUCKY she is to have a loving home now. Yes, Lotus is very spoilt now, very very spoilt.

photo5She is no guard dog, she is just pretending!

photo 6
Acting innocent after doing her gardening

photo 7
She is much bigger now. Her daddy is so proud of her nice, soft coat

photo 8
yummy yummy! Lotus has somehow developed the bad habit – biting hands to demand for attention.

Darling Lotus knows her ex-housemates are sick & need some immune booster. So she bought us some goodies – 1/2 dozen of Cod Liver Oil, 6 boxes of Drontal Plus & an Angpau (sponsorship for the vaccinations). Even Lotus knows the importance of vaccinations.

DSC01724 DSC01725
Marisa happily posing with the goodies donated by Lotus
Marisa on behalf of all other furry friend: Woof Woof & thank you Lotus!

Thank you Lotus! We are so touched that you actually forked out your own hard-earned wages from your daily gardening work to buy us those goodies. Muaks! You are sucha sweeet girl.

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slowfatelephant said...

Woof woof woof woof!!!!
Errr...... 'you're welcome'!!
Take care all....
Love lotus