Monday, May 31, 2010

Have a Heart for our Homeless Furry Friends

We never knew rescue work could be so heart breaking. When we started to help, we were so ignorant of what can happen to our furry friends. We were so inexperience as we only have our pets to care for previously. Our pets normally do not give us much problems in terms of health. Even if they do, we could take care of them well as they are always by our side. Its not so for our homeless furry friends. They are exposed to so much of uncertainties and external treats which come charging at them with no mercy.

There are times when we feel like giving up, but, if we do there will be less people to care for them.Looking at them again, we need to carry on….

DSC00064Our beloved and playful Marisa still in the vet could not even lift up her head to eat. She has severe tick fever which we don’t even realized until she refused to eat completely and collapsed while standing.


ET passed away on Friday evening. She refused to eat, tested distemper negative no bloody stool but vomited slight blood before she left us. We suspect that she could be poisoned.May she rest in peace.


Miraculously Ah Boy is running around .He has put on weight. We thought he left us one morning when we could not find him for a day. He was skin and bones then. Aunty Kiew has been giving him massage whenever possible. We have been giving him all we could think of to boost his immunity .

P4260367Dangdut looking helplessly at her mother Ah Wong crying in pain.

We are clueless as to why Dangdut left us. She was well but apparently she has parvo. Yes, she is more than 2years old and yet she still have parvo. May she and Ah Wong rest in peace.

We just pray we will not learn the hard way at our furry friends expense. These furry friends have such a short life span here and yet they have to endure with so much unfriendly factors against them.

Please pray that all homeless furry friends will not suffer, send positive vibes for those who are not well.


Sophia Eve Sawyer said...

im really afraid that i cant overcome to tears n sadness if 3 of my son leaves me 1day..
May all the kids (furry kids) rest in peace.i will pray for them~

Paws Mission said...

Thanks Sophia for praying.We could only console ourselves that they are in a better existence...need not have to surffer anymore.If only we know what is actually happening and what has actually happened..

icelads said...

it is very brave of u all to admit the mistakes & face the problem. you all have done ur best!

Paws Mission said...

We are only humans. we will try our very best to give our furry friends a better life.We have to admit it is very tiring but rewarding when they find someone to love them.