Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wolfie Finally has her Day Too!!!!




Finally  our ever sweet gentle, good temperament Wolfie found a loving home!! Isn’t it GREAT?

We suppose she was just waiting for the right owner to come along. Dizzy was very concerned about Wolfie’s wellbeing  when we were facing a lot of uncertainties last month. He was also not able to adopt her yet as his house is not ready. He decided to foster her first(His mum is not keen on keeping a pet)in his mum’s house.

Wolfie escaped practically everyday! Luckily she is always hiding under the cars parked  outside Dizzy’s house. Now Dizzy’s mum decided to take her for daily walks  not to deprive Wolfie ‘s previous carefree past.It looks like his mum starting to like her too (hopefully she will adopt one from us ).

What a happy ending for Wolfie to have someone who is willing to accept her and slowly train her to be a house pet…..

To Dizzy, Thank You for waiting for Wolfie to come back ( When  Dizzy came to view Wolfie on the first day, Wolfie was no where to be found. She loves roaming around the temple and will come back to the shed in the evening)

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