Sunday, April 25, 2010

Updates from Happy

Happy (a.k.a. Sleepy a.k.a. Reiki) sent us an happy email.

As usual, pictures speak louder than words.

When she was Reiki (in Dec 2009)……

DSC00954 DSC00950

When she was SLEEPY (in Feb 2010)……


Now she is HAPPY (in April 2010)…..

happy baby 1

Happy is so Sai-E-look-alike, just that Sai E is brown/white & Happy is Black-n-White, with all the moo-moo cow spots.

SaiE2 This is Sai E.

Happy baby 2

According to Happy’s daddy (Wong), his fiancée (Michelle) was still able to lift the 3-month-old Happy up above her head. But now Michelle can no longer carry 5-month-old Happy over her head. Hahahaha.

Are you still eating non-stop like a piggie, Happy?

We are all so happy to see Happy bring a bundle of joy to Wong's, family.

Update from Daddy, Mr Wong again,

She's completed her vaccination and she's due for spaying next month. Planning to give heartworm guard next weekend.

She's becoming picky with her food. Partly my fault coz pampering her with organic can food, occasionally la. She's so manja at times, always picking her toy and playing it beside us, where ever we go. She knows how to sit, hand and give high 5, left and right :-)

Glad to hear her mom is in good hands and she's looking very healthy and pretty. Thanks to all your effort. Keep it up!!

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